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 2018 SoundByte

SoundByte - 2018 Region 16 Champions and 33rd in the World at the Sweet Adelines International competition in St. Louis, MO.

SoundByte formed in the fall of 2013 and has earned 5 regional medals, one for each year they have competed. Denise Weinberger, Tenor, grew up surrounded by barbershop and ringing chords and is currently teaching art and music at the Montessori School of Syracuse. The rich warm foundation of the quartet is Maria Manzare, Bass. She works as a full time nurse and has an unstoppable passion for singing harmony. Alicia Caron, Lead, started her musical journey in barbershop at 15 and is now an assistant director of the Spirit of Syracuse chorus and a music educator for the City of Syracuse schools.  Rhonda Spoelstra, Baritone, is the director of Image City Sound, and has a history of musical leadership from college bands, worship groups and barbershop.


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2018 Vocal_Design

Vocal Design - Vocal Design has been together since 2011. They love doing singing engagements and enjoy quartetting, love the barbershop stype and learning new music together. Suzanne Heckman, the Baritone, joined ICS in 2004. She loves gardening and baseball; she's the secretary of her fantasy baseball league. Vern Temperato, the Bass, is no novice to quartetting. She has been in Sweet Adelines since 1975! Her life is full of family, fun and music. Roxanne Carroll, the Lead, works as a Teller at Tompkins Bank of Castile and loves gardening, crafting and being a grandmother to Ethan & Lilia. Caroln Dieter (also a member of Velvet Blue) works in Honeoye Falls with Walker and Reynolds CPS's. She enjoys filling her spare time with anything music related. A favorite joy is being a grandma to Oliver!


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2018 Velvet_BluePictured above with Carolyn, Cheryl, Ellen, and Donna Gronemeyer (previous Baritone)

Velvet Blue - Formed in June of 2017, the group quickly organized and set right out to compete in the Region 16 competition the following spring. These four bring extensive musical experience to the group. Carolyn Dieter is the Tenor and she joined ICS during the Holiday chorus in 2009. She also sings with Vocal Design Quartet, but wanted to expand into the realm of competition. She is a member of a community steel drum band and attends a Brazilian percussion class. Cheryl Hurley, Lead, is new to the Sweet Adelines world, joining in early 2017. She recently expanded into dual membership, singing with Buffalo Gateway Chorus, and competed with them in St. Louis when they earned recognition as 10th place chorus in the world at international competition. Ellen Rightmyer, Bass, has been in ICS since 2009 and is loving singing in a quartet for the first time. She plays many musical instruments and is enjoying the Sweet Adeline world. Suzanne Heckman,  Baritone, has been in Sweet Adelines since 2004 and also sings with Vocal Design quartet. She joined Velvet Blue in September 2018, but is quickly learning the repertoire, readying for our upcoming performances and for the Region 16 competition in Syracuse in April, 2019..


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2018 Chordalicious

 Chordalicious - Also formed in June of 2017. Tammy Carter, the Tenor, has 4 sons and is a Math teacher in the Penfield schools. She's been singing since she was 14 and now wants to compete with her new quartet. Lisa Farnung, the Lead, fell in love with barbershop when she heard ICS burst into song at a restaurant! She is a Special Ed Teacher in the Rochester City School District and a happy active member of the chorus since 2016.  Joan Halstead, the Bass, jumped into ICS with both feet in 2015 after singing in the Christmas chorus since 2012. She's just nuts about singing, aka "Chicken Joan". Carol Maynard is the Baritone, and has been singing with ICS for almost 10 years. She is the newest member of the quartet, joining the group in April, 2018.


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